Things to Do in Kailash Mansarovar

Mount kailash located at the far west of Tibet which is one of the most holy sites in tibetean Buddhism. Thousands of pilgrims visit the kora, or holy trek around mountain, it is one of the challenging trek and the most popular tour for foreign tourists. this trek is not just about Mount Kailash. There are many activity you can take part .

  • Mount kailash kora: although the trek is exhausting and difficult it can be strongly satisfying once you have completed the journey. The kora starts from darchen valley, the kora follows te pildrims trach toward Mount Kailash to the north. In the trip you can see the breathtaking and compelling landscapes which helps to relax in your strenuous journey. It can take upto weeks to complete the circuit
  • Kangkyam Glacier: On the tracks to the Mount Kailash, there is a moment to visit a real, moving Kangkyam Glacier descending from the north of the Mount Kailash and is two hour round-trip from Drirapuk Monastery.
  • The Five Monasteries: The other scenes on these routes are the monasteries around the kora the five monasteries are Choku Monastery, Drirapuk Monastery, Zutrulpuk Monatery, Selung Monastery and Gyangzha Monastery.
  • Hot Springs: located at the northwest of Mount Kailash are Thirthapur Monastery and its hot springs settled at the bank of river Sutlej, the pilgrims come to this spring after completion of kora, they bath in these springs and ease their mind and body.
  • Mansarovar and Rakshastal: At the south of Mount Kailash there are two lakes Mansarovar and Rakshastal. Mansarover to the east is a freshwater lake with rounded shore line. In other hand Rakshastal is a saltwater lake with no aquatic plants and animal. The lakes are connected by small river which allows fresh water of Mansarovar to leak into salty rakshastal. The holy waters of Lake Mansarovar are said to free pilgrims of their sins when drank or bathed in.